What do we sing? Anything and everything that appeals to us, from simple rounds and ballads suited to singing round the fire, to more complex part songs that will raise the roof of the feast hall. Court songs, church songs, battle songs, bawdy songs, drinking songs, comic songs, hunting songs, and schmultzy schmultzy love songs, it all has a place in our hearts and on our vocal chords. If it's singable and it's pre-17th century (or pre-17th century in style), we'll probably try it. Do you have any suggestions for us? Send them to Marie. :)

This section of the site contains PDF sheet music and sound files for the songs we're working on, to facilitate learning and independent practise. Our assorted sheet music sources can be found on the credits page of this site. While the music we perform is generally long out of copyright, arrangements of these pieces are the property of their respective authors, to whom we give full credit and thanks for sharing their work*.

* To the best of our collective knowledge, the above-linked PDFs are freely distributable for non-profit non-commercial purposes and/or within the SCA. If any arranger has concerns about the inclusion of their work on this site, and/or its use by the choral group, they have only to drop Marie a line to have the situation addressed and corrected.