Credits for "Smiths in C Minor, Iron Opus One"

Lyrics and music by:
SCA name - The (Wrong and) Honorable Master Dahrien Cordell, Mundane name - Carlos Vigil (phone: 414-442-2720, e-mail: dahrien~A~T~vigil1~D~O~T~com)
... except that v4 music is a minor key version of "Oh My Love" in one of Ravenscroft's books, and sometimes used for an "Ah Poor Bird" harmony line to the round "Rose Red" (aka Rose, Rose).

Jennifer Friedman (SCA: Eliane Halevy) helped with the "Light" line's music, and gave me the rights. Thanks, Eliane!

Blanket permission given for not-profit performance in the Society for Creative Anachronism, otherwise contact the author for permission as described above.
Explicit permission is granted for recording and online publication by the Caldrithig Choral group, as credited above.