Choral music has a strong history in Caldrithig.

Lady Elen verch Enid O'Dinbych first started hosting group singing practices in a small apartment living room back in Spring A.S.XXVII (1993 A.D.), back when Ealdormere was still a principality of the Midrealm. Under Elen's patient and persistent direction, our fledgling pack of amateur songsters soon outgrew the living room, and began transforming despite ourselves into a surprisingly cohesive chorus. In time, Elen's job took her off to the distant lands of Carolingia, but she left us in the exceedingly capable hands of THL Anne Tinker, who continued the fine work Elen had started.

It was under Anne's guidance that we recorded our first CD, The Cherished Rose, dedicated to Elen, who authored the title song of the recording. During this time we also started taking the choir on the road, performing at such notable events as the coronation of Ealdormere's first King and Queen. When Anne was later romanced away to Petrea Thule, Lady Claricia Nyetgale took the reins and continued the legacy, until she in turn moved away. Thanks to the work of these early leaders, the choir earned the Black Hare of Skraeling Althing, the Grove of the Middle Kingdom, and a certain musical notoriety (or was it infamy?) throughout both Skraeling Althing, and greater Ealdormere.

After Claricia's departure, the choir went dormant for a time, if that's the right term for a group who no longer attended formal practices, but still enthusiastically sang together any time enough members happened to be in the same place to do so. After a few years, the opportunity arose to resume practices under a new leader cat herder, and with renewed interest from members both old and new, the chorus began to take form once again.

The current director cat herder for the group is Magistra Marie l'Englois, who would like to state for the record that she has no intention of moving anywhere! Under Marie's direction, the group recorded two more albums, were named Musicians of the Chapel Royale for the reign of TRM Quilliam and Tangwystl, and added to the Scroll of Honour. Marie is excited to continue Caldrithig's musical traditions, and invites one and all to come sing and make merry!