This choral group is a hobby, not a day job. We are amateurs, who do this for fun. That said, we've recorded ourselves in past, and may well do so again. These recordings aren't professional quality, that's not the goal. The recordings remind us where we've been and what we've done, and serve as a reminder of all the fun we've had making music together. If we end up with a few tracks we can be truly proud of in the process, so much the better. Our recordings aren't for sale, they're made for our own enjoyment. If you enjoy them too, feel free to download the MP3s for yourself. :)

July 2017 - "Sing We at Pleasure"

Our previous album was a bit rushed, due to the need to get all the tracks down quickly before several members moved away, so we decided to do another one at a more leisurely pace. This album was recorded a few pieces at a time over the course of several years. We're pretty happy with it, and hope you are too! It should be noted that the original compositions on the album each have a particular inspiration. O That the Learned Assembled Be was written as a processional for the Order of the Laurel at our director Marie's elevation, and Celebrate Now was written for the feast and celebration afterwards. O Magnificae Stellae was written in honour of a departed friend, Lady Ragnhildr, may she never be far from memory. Finally, Glorious and Triumphant Ealdormere was written for the coronation of Ealdormere's first King and Queen, and has been recorded here in celebration of approaching our 20th year as a sovereign kingdom.

Manuscript Image of Medieval Singers

Choir members at the time of the recording:
Sopranos: Laurelyn of West Bromwich, Sophie of Caldrithig, Lerthan ingen Chormaicc, Inge of Sten Mark
Altos: Marie l'Englois, Inge of Sten Mark
Tenors: Evan Little, Florian de Xiphias, Marie l'Engois, Aurikr Biarnarsson
Basses: Gerhard of Caldrithig, Aurikr Biarnarsson
Recording: Ian MacDougall of Skye
Mixing: Ian MacDougall of Skye, Marie l'Englois

May 2013 - "Reflections"

This recording was produced as a quick keepsake before some choir members moved away. It was recorded on a laptop in a friend's living room, and mixed in his basement, with occasional assistance from the household pets (Recording Technician Puppy and Executive Producer Cat).

View of Salisbury Cathedral (built 13thC),
photo by Immanuel Giel (2007)

Choir members at the time of the recording:
Sopranos: Alienor la Fileuse, Adelaide de Lyon
Altos: Marie l'Englois, Alienor la Fileuse
Tenors: Lars Eriksson, Marie l'Engois
Basses: Gerhard of Caldrithig, Aurik Burnsson
Recording: Ian MacDougall of Skye, Recording Technician Puppy
Mixing: Ian MacDougall of Skye, Marie l'Englois, Gerhard of Caldrithig, Executive Producer Cat

August 1998 - "The Cherished Rose"

This recording was produced as a learning tool for the choir. It was recorded during a practice at Trinity Anglican Church, under the direction of THL Anne Tinker, and dedicated to our first director, Elen.

"Concert", Ercole de Roberti (1456-1496)

Choir members at the time of the recording:
Sopranos: Anne Tinker, Catherine, Christine, Claricia Nyetgale, Helen of Grayfells, Isabella Oakwood, Sandra
Altos: Aidan Lann, Estienne de Nantes, Jaqueline du Busquoi, Japhia, Marie l'Englois
Tenors: Ansfrid van der Muelne, Cynemund, Evan Little, Lars Eriksson, Pharamond du Chateau Pre
Basses: Connaghin Baillie, Gerhard of Caldrithig, Micheil O'Connor, Philip of Greyfells